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Most car audio equipment bought from a non authorized dealer carries no factory warranty. Some car audio manufactures will list allot of reasons not to buy from non authorized dealers. This is mostly due to the fact they want to keep prices as high as possible. But you must be careful, not every dealer online or offline is honest. Some will claim to be an authorized dealer when they aren't. Also there are a few car audio sellers that will misrepresent used and refurbished stereos. If you buy from an authorized dealer you are almost guaranteed not to be receiving counterfeit, stolen or otherwise compromised equipment. Most online car audio dealers are just as reliable as the authorized dealers listed on this site. But you must take everything into consideration before purchasing car audio equipment online. Do I need a warrantee? Should be the most important question you ask yourself in deciding where to buy your car audio equipment.

Need help deciding if you need a warrantee, here are some questions to ask yourself. Who is installing your car audio system equipment? How well do you trust their/your knowledge of car stereo installion? Are you planning on having your amplifier run everything at 100% maximum power? How loud do you listen to music? Do you take allot of long trips with the radio always on? What is the average temperature where you live?

If are planning on using this purchase to learn how to install car stereo systems a warranty is a real good idea. Same goes for a friend who may think he knows more then he does. If you want to run everything at full power you have to consider the last three questions. Remember the manufacture lists a rating which is tested with excellent if not perfect conditions. They don't want to test their products after a days use in the summers heat wave. That would create false results when compared other car audio manufacture competitors.
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