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Angel Eye Projector Headlight Installation Guide

Angel eye projector headlights installation guide. Great but difficult way to give you car more of a custom look. Step by step online guide with pictures. The angel eye headlight installation was done on a e34 1990 BMW 525i, but most advice will apply to all cars. This installation guide was not made by anyone associated with If you too would like to contribute to this site we would greatly appreciate any and all help. Just contact us with your install guide or anything else. Much thanks goes out to Dan for this angel eye projector headlight installation guide!

Please be sure you have the time, effort, tools, patience, and money, in the event something goes wrong.
Tools needed Big and small Philips head screw drivers
Big and small Flathead screw drivers
10 or 16 guage wire
Soldering Iron & solder (or crimp Connectors)
Needle nose pliers
Side clips (wire cutters)
Wire Strippers
Electrical tape
Glass-Plastic Epoxy (found at Lowes in Glue Section)
Heat gun or hair dryer
Angel Eyes (says E46, we will modify them to Fit E34)
By Continuing past this Point, you release the author from any liability concerning these instructions used on YOUR vehicle. 

The First thing I recomend doing when you get your angel eyes is to either put silicon or epoxy on the leads coming out of the LED.  Be liberal here, they leads are EXTREMELY FRAGILE and WILL break with any stress/bending.  Wait for that to dry.

If you purchace angel eyes from the link at the top of the page, or many other manufacturers, they will have clips on the back, twist and pull of those clips as they are not needed.
So, Here is the front of your car.  I have Clear Corners Installed, see Clear Corner Install If yours doesnt look mostly like this then you will either have to discontinue or adapt instructions on your own
To take off the front grill, there are 2 (two) screws on top of the grill near the center.  Unscrew those, then with a flathead, pry off the sides under the corner markers, Carefully, this will releast the front center grill.

The 2 (two) plastic grills are held on by 4 (four) screws each.  Two (2) of which are in between te high and low beams, and the remaining are just on the center side of the high beam.  Unscrew and pull off the Grills and you will have the picture to the left
Cut the 4 wires coming from the angel eys to this central unit.  We will be put back together later
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