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Clear Corner Headlight Installation Guide

Clear corner headlight installation guide. Give your car that custom look with this easy project. Step by step online guide with pictures. The clear corner headlight installation was done on a e34 1990 BMW 525i, but most advice will apply to all cars. This installation guide was not made by anyone associated with If you too would like to contribute to this site we would greatly appreciate any and all help. Just contact us with your install guide or anything else. Much thanks goes out to Dan for this clear corner headlight installation guide!

This shows how to Change out the stock amber turn signal with clear corners Difficulty- Almost anyone can do this
Decent Clear corners can be found on eBay for Less than 30 bucks. (Mine were 28 with shipping)

Stock Amber turn signal.
Locate your corner bulbs (very far to the side and pich the levers to release the bulbs as shown. My bulbs are painted blue, Stock is either clear or amber. Any wal-mart "High Heat" paint can be used to paint bulbs. I used a 98 cent can becuse I disabled my parking lights in favor of angel eyes.
The corner bulb is held in by 3 screws. Two are shown, and the 3rd is in the top left corner of the picture. You will need a very small screwdriver and a wrech to get these out. Get the screwdriver in the screw head and grip the handle of the screwdriver with a wrech and turn. This will most likely be needed as most screws are a little rusty after 15 years from manufacure date.
Pull the corner lens out from the front.

Instillataion is reverse of Removal
Hopefully you have something like this at the end.
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