space problem

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space problem

Postby b965122 » Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:40 am

I am trying to install a new system in a 99 alero and I need some help with placing my 3 amps, I am going to install 2 subs and 2 MRD-M1005 amps and one MRP-F450 alpine. My trunk is not all that small but I am having problems trying to place the amps. With the duel 12 sub box in the back facing out the back of the car there is only the 2-3 feet from the bumper to the sub box to put the amps and I can just place them there but It just looks kind of bad and they are right in front of the subs and I can imagine that is to good for them but I could be wrong any info would be grate.

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Postby Raz » Sun Sep 03, 2006 5:46 am

they could look cool there if you mounted them on a piece of mdf cut to fit & covered to match box. If you dont want them showing you could move box closer to rear & put amps behind box between box & rear seat back. Some vehicles sound better that way. Best thing to do is install the enclosure & amps loose & test it with box foward & back & see which sounds better, then decide on amp placement based on best sound config. One other idea is if 2 amps are running your subs you could mount them vertical mounted to mdf against sides (between tail lights & fender well) & mont the 3rd vertical against the seat back behind box, you'd only need a few inches of clearance & could still keep box back if that sounded better. Might take some custom mdf cutting on your part but you'd have a one of kind. Just some ideas!

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