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Parallel & Series Ohm Calculator for Speakers & Subwoofers

Ohm calculator is a simple tool to give you the ohm load of multiple speakers or subwoofers. The ohm calculator program will print on your screen ohms loads for up to twenty subwoofers. Just enter the ohm of a single subwoofer and you have a quick and handy list ohm load list of two to twenty suboofers. Our volume calculator supports both parallel and series connections.

To download the volume calculator click the blue link then click save. Next choose a folder that you want the file to be placed in. Now open the volume calculator program from the folder you downloaded it to.

To use the tools on this page your computer must have VB 5.0 run dll's installed. If you get an error when you run the program then you don't already have them installed. You can download them for free from Microsoft HERE.

Download Parallel & Series Ohm Calculator for Speakers & Subwoofers
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