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Basic wiring information to install car audio amplifiers and subwoofers.

An amplifier will increase in temperature the longer you use it. The cooler you can keep your amplifier the better it will perform. Amplifiers should be mounted in a location that provides maximum circulation of air. The most common place for install is the trunk. Under seats is another popular choice. Remember the more open space the better. If your amplifier has fan(s) make sure the intake and out take vents aren't covered. You also want free air around any heat sinks. When choosing a mounting location always look at opposite side of car for objects like gas lines. Take extreme care when drilling any holes. Minimizing wire lengths will improve system performance. Mount on a flat surface, it is best not to mount standing the amplifier upright. It is also a good idea not to mount the amplifier on your subwoofer box. When you find the location, use the amplifier to trace screw holes. Drill a small hole and install screws and/or mounting surface. Do not screw your amplifier directly to the metal of your car
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