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DC to AC 12 Volt Power Inverter

A 12 volt car or boat power inverter will change car power (DC) into house power (AC). This installation guide will show you how to hard wire your power inverter directly to your car's or boat's battery. Most power inverter manufacturers recommend hard wiring when using 150 or more watts of power. Unless you are just using a very small appliance for a short period of time we recommend hard wiring for all power inverter installations.
Most power inverters will come with a cigarette lighter power cord. Or will have battery clips that are great for temporally use but not a permanent installation. Both can be cut off and extended with wire the same size or thicker.

On the power inverter I'm working with the positive wire is the one with writing on it. If you hook your positive and negative wires up backwards you will immediately blow the fuse.

The larger prong on a power plug is the positive.

AGU fuse and fuse holder for larger DC to AC 12 volt power inverter installations.

Bus fuse and fuse holder for small DC to AC 12 volt power inverters. Blade type fuses are also very common for this type on installation.

Most power inverters will already have a fuse inside but for added protection you can add a inline fuse. Place the fuse as close to the battery as possible. To find out what size fuse you need take the total wattage of your power inverter divide by 12 then multiple by 1.1. It is also best if you round down a couple of amps. Most power inverters will also have a build in fuse, use the same amperage as that fuse. Also make the power wiring going to your DC to AC power inverter as short as possible.
The negative wire can be hooked directly to the battery's negative post. The negative can also be connected to any bare metal of the car or boat's body. Now you have all the knowledge you need just make the install as clean and slick as you want. When choosing a place to install the DC to AC 12 volt power inverter, it is best to place it where it will get the most air flow to keep it cool.
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